To become a subscriber to the system, you need to go through the following steps:-

  • Register, providing your organisation's name and details along with the name and details of the principal. (These two entities may well the the same). You will have to enter your address so the system has a record of where to post any materilas ordered along with your valid email address which is used as the part of your login credentials and to which notifications will be sent.
  • Once registered, the Administration will be automatically notified. Once your details have been satifactorarily checked, you will be notified of your acceptance via email.
  • Having been accepted you may now log into the Orders, place your order and make payment through PayPal.
  • When the Administration has received your payment you will be notified via email at which point you will have access to the Manual, Your Account and if you ordered the Online version, the Online Tests.
  • When ordering Online sessions, please note their validity ceases when the number of sessions ordered or final date is reached. If Online session orders overlap, the final date is caclulated from the date of the order.
There are many places in the system where Grids are used. These all function in the same way as follows:-

  • 1  plus  minus  These, if available, toggle expanding the details of the selected row to visible or hidden. (in this instance the address of the client)
  • 2  Clicking on a row will produce a list of records pertinent to the item on that row in a second grid, if applicable. (here it is the lists of tests per client).
  • 3  edit  Clicking the Edit icon will open up a screen containing the details of item on the row, permitting it to be edited.
  • 4  delete  Clicking the Dustbin icon will delete the selected record from the database.
  • 5 
    • plus  Clicking on this plus icon if available will open a screen from which a new record may be added to the database.
    • search  Clicking on this icon if available will open a popup in which you can enter search criteria and have the list displayed in the grid reduced to only contain records that match the search.
    • refresh  Clicking on this icon if available will restore the grid to all items after they have been filtered againsst search criteria.
    • excel  Clicking on this icon if available will output the content of the grid to an Excel spreadsheet. This presupposes you have Excel loaded on your device.
  • 6  printer  Clicking on this icon if available will open a screen in which the record details will appear in a pdf file which may then be viewed/saved/printed.

Placing an Order

  • 1  books  Clicking on this icon will opena popup allowing you to enter the quantity of that item your wish to order.
  • 2  ticked  unticked  Tick the box on the relevant row of Online sessions you wish to order.
  • 3  After you have finished selecting the items you wish to order, click this button and you will see the totals including the figure for postage to the area shown. You may click this button at any time during the selection or removing of items to view your totals. Ensure however that you do click it after your final selection as the final amounts shown are what will be ordered.
  • 4  These boxes display the total postage and amounts on all items selected.
  • 5  Once you have finished your selection you may click this button to get a printable form containing a list of your order, the terms and conditions and a button to take you to a PayPal page from which you may pay from a PayPal account or by credit card.