How to use the facilities in the grids

Search – entering any sequence of characters will filter the grid to display all records that have that sequence in any of its fields.

Clicking on a column header will order that column in ascending order. Clicking the heading again will reorder the column in descending order.

Clicking a button on any row will do to the record associated with that row what the title on the buttons states.

Clicking a button above the grid (if there are any) will carry out the function stated in the title on the button. These actions relate to the whole set of data eg. Adding a record, outputting all records to Excel etc.

The Previous 1 2 3 Next on the bottom right will step you through all the pages of data.

Responsive Grid

If the grid is being displayed on a tablet or smartphone, it will respond to the size of the screen. If there is insufficient room for all the columns, the data will stack up under what is visible and is accessible by clicking the green and white + on the row.