HASI or HASI-NV – Paper Based

Test Kit consists of:

  • Manual
  • Transparent marking sheet(s) for some sub-tests
  • Record booklets for recording the answers and scoring (pack of 25)
  • YOU need to supply two pencils/pens, one for administrator and one for test taker, together with a stopwatch or watch with a second hand

HASI-NV – Online

Test Kit consists of:

  • Online access to the Manual
  • Online access to the test instructions and tests
  • Online access to the test results and their printouts if required
  • YOU need to supply two tablets (or 1 laptop and 1 tablet), one for administrator and one for test taker.
  • If your service anticipates using more than 750 assessments each year, please contact the administrator to negotiate pricing.

If your organisation anticipates using a greater number of assessments, or you wish to use the HASI-NV over a longer time period, please contact Administration for Subscription pricing, or a Licence for reproducing the Record Booklets.

All orders will be sent via Australia Post and calculated on order.

For bulk orders of over 1 Complete set + 10 Packs of Record Booklets, please contact Administration for pricing and postage.