Hayes Ability Screening Index Non-Verbal
Test Process

1. From the Clients tab find or add the client and make a note of their ID number.

2. On the Test Instructions tab, fill in the relevant data. Entering the Client’s ID number here will automatically populate the client details.

3. Click Next. From this screen make a note of the Test number.

4. Follow the instructions on each subsequent page, clicking the Start button when the each test starts and the Stop button when the client finishes. Mark whether they were successful or not in completing the test correctly. The system will calculate the time taken and allocate the correct score with the exception of the Clock test where you will need to use the information provided to allocate a score.

5. Make sure both tablets are in portrait not landscape orientation, because some tests will not show up properly in landscape.

6. Do not give the client’s tablet to the client until the test is ready to start.

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